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The busy weekends continue
n2-Anpan OMP!!

It's the beginning of the last week of April and my to-do list isn't really shrinking...

In fact, there's MORE things to do! Gah!

So, here's a quick run down of events of note:

1) Free Comic Book Day Signing at Collector Maniacs. Saturday, 10-12noon (More info here)

2) JCCH Kodomo no Hi/Going Green event. Sunday, 10-3pm (More info here)

Other things to note:

1) New t-shirt design being printed. Will be debuting at Fanime.

2) New pin designs being printed. Will be debuting at Fanime.

3) New stickers being designed. Probably will be debuting at Fanime.

4) Waiting for pups to arrive. Most likely will arrive next week or I will throw the world's largest hissy fit

5) Re-running a few designs with the local printers.

6) Working on new business cards.

7) Working on a couple long-term projects that are near due. X_X;;;

8) Stressing out? Yes.

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Yup sounds like you have a busier week than I do! Good luck with everything. :)

(Deleted comment)
SRSLY! :D I'm totally looking forward to Fanime~ I just hope there's enough time to hang out~ TT

Awww... *pats* try not to stress out too much. :E Take some deep breaths - things will turn out okay.

I'm going to miss Kodomo no Hi at our JCCC this year (again!) They usually have a giant yard sale/bazaar as well as huge amounts of delicious sushi, mochi and other awesome stuff. It's on the same day as Free Comic Book Day... which I'm also going to miss out on as we are going to a family friend's 70th birthday. :p (But I'm not worried about the comics - TCAF the following week, hooray!)

*after the fact post D:*

Play the Foo Fighter song, "All My Life", after finishing a task on your To-Do-List, as a motivator :)

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