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Monday Madness - Pre-Orders Start!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
OMP - it's been a crazy month. (Yes, I know the month just started~) Scott and I are getting ready for Kawaii Kon this weekend and we're chewing our nails in anticipation for a number of shipments coming in at the last minute.

From the look of things, everything should make it in by the start of the convention - which is a huge relief for us. But that doesn't necessarily mean that everything is set. Yet.

Anyhoo, one of the bigger announcements is that our latest books are ready for pre-order!

But wait! There's more!

Special Editions - 2009 Special Editions - 2009

Limited quantities of Volume 3 will come with a special paper wrapper/obi, while the artbook will come with a postcard. These will only be available via our online shop and in-person events, so grab them while you can!

... and one more thing~

Third Generations Pups & Pollo Plush are available for pre-order!

Since it's a busy week for us, we're holding all orders for shipping AFTER after Kawaii Kon.

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SQUEE! The plushies are so cute!

Checking for my shipments too!

(Deleted comment)
Ehehehheh so cute! So tempted. >w<

The illustrations you did earlier look so awesome!

Uwaaaah! The pups and pollo look so adorable! :3 :3

And the books look great too. Volume 3 already... whoa, time is certainly flying!

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