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Lumi Twins
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Quick-ish update:

The latest editions to my dolly family~ ^^

Lumi Twins

The sleeping one is using my Lami's body... since she doesn't have a face up yet.

I'll have to think of names later - when I have more time.
I thought about it. I think I'll name the sleeping one "Tsukimi" and the awake one "Mitsuki".

Now to think of names for my Lin and Lami. >_>;;

More photos at flickr.

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I know~ The sleeping head was an option I couldn't seem to pass up. But I passed on the resin/acrylic wings.. Definitely don't need those. >_>;

ahhh soooo cute >3< I love those cheeks~v v v v

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