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Burgers and stuff.

Busy week...

Managed to complete the covers for 2 books and now I'm about 5 strips away from completing the basic content for Volume 3. You can see a preview for one of them at KS' flickr.

Some nice things happened - like eating at the Counter for lunch a few days after it opened at Kahala Mall. The wait can be long and service somewhat slow as they're just learning the ropes here - but the burgers are yummy.

(But they still don't match THIS PLACE in our books. Darn you SFers. We will attempt to make a trek out there post-Fanime... You can bet your bottom dollar on that one.)

Also contemplating MAGNETS for a special accessory run. There's a lot of pros and cons for these guys. There seems to be a vocal majority for them, but I'm apprehensive as I'm only planning a small, limited run. Wonder if I can contact those car ribbon magnet folks...

Today's Comic: Morning Exercises

Click on the preview to see the full comic~

I seriously hate this neighborhood sometimes. First, it was the crying dog. Then it was the screaming neanderthal kids, then it's the new neighbors with the late night parties who insist on having loud, animated conversations on their front porch at 1am, then just last night it was a bunch of girls sitting in a car talking VERY LOUDLY right outside our bedroom window.

KS had to get up, knock on her car window, and tell her to keep it down as we could hear their entire conversation as clear as day - with her windows ROLLED UP. Our house is small, we have absolutely no insulation, and our bedroom is literally next to the street. (It may as well be ON the street...) Sure, most of the neighbors are elderly and deaf, but it's still no excuse. =_=''

Then I wake up to hear howling dogs down the street, revving garbage trucks, and army helicopters circling. >_>;
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