Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Another 2-4-1

Grah~ I missed posting Friday's comic.. and am a bit late with Monday's comic... It's been a very busy weekend for the both of us. I'm still not quite up-to-date with my schedule, but getting there!

Also, thanks to anyone who participated in our reader survey~! Lots of great responses and suggestions~ I must work harder this year!

Friday's Comic: Persuasion

Monday's Comic: Just Wondering

Click on the previews to see the rest of the comic~

We also have a new t-shirt pre-sale going on for not only one design, but two!

(Doesn't KS do a great job with these banners? I totally suck at designing them. XD;)

We are offering special requests for larger sizes (2-3XL), but we MUST be contacted before the end of the week. All pre-sale orders WILL be guaranteed.

For you local folks, these should be ready in time for the MidPac Ho'olaule'a (March 13th). If you'd like to reserve a shirt (or two) and save on shipping, just e-mail/PM/msg/call me~ I can't say if we'll have a full range of shirt sizes/colors by the time we hit Kawaii Kon or Fanime, as we're also reducing our print numbers to lessen our inventory load.

Ahh~ driving day for me tomorrow... Doctor appointment at 10, delivery after 11. I did some driving with KS this morning/early afternoon to the 12th Ave farmer's market and Costco in Hawaii Kai. I still have anxiety issues in traffic, especially when I need to change lanes. I guess it's only something that'll get better with more and more practice. *sigh*
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