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n2-Anpan OMP!!
I hope this links correctly:

Perhaps this is old news, but it seems that blogs are quickly becoming vogue in Japan's idol world. The one that's recently caught my eye is former-H!P member, Tsuji Nozomi's "Non-Peace" blog.

Aside from the fact that she uses TONS of emoticons and posts boat-loads of photos... and posts something like 40 entries in a single week - she's a pretty interesting but relatively "normal" person. She shops economical on household stuffs, designs baby clothes (after having her own child last year or so), still dresses cute and acts like a fool for the camera, and is pretty open to answering simple questions about daily life.

I'm highly amused that she likes to eat so much takuan/daikon tsukemono and natto. I have to try that out some day.

AND I was stunned to find out that she was up to 60 kilos (at less than 5ft tall) while in MM. It sure didn't look it - at least on her face, arms or waist. I always thought she just had muscular legs. ^^;

Today's Comic: New Home

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(Deleted comment)
omggggg Nono's blog is the best XD! I've been reading it too. She is so entertaining~ I always thought she was cuter than Kago.
But yeah it's so weird seeing her with a baby! She looks the same! And it's like no, that's not your baby, it can't be! Where did that thing come from?? XD;; I want to be as cute as her if I ever have a baby~~~ I can't believe the stuff she gets away with wearing. ^^; oh geez and she seriously made her husband a lunch in a hello kitty lunch box...... O_O'' Tsuji, you are too much! XD~

omg and Tsuji was up to 60 kg... that's how much I weigh right now, and I feel like a whale... at 165 cm....

Holy cow, I didn't realize she posted that much!

I really like how good of a mother she is though. It's funny how people made fun of her for getting knocked up and saying how irresponsible she'd be, but look at her now.

The emoticon abuse is hilarious, oh blingy Japanese girls. And the insanity on her phone!!

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