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I hope this links correctly:

Perhaps this is old news, but it seems that blogs are quickly becoming vogue in Japan's idol world. The one that's recently caught my eye is former-H!P member, Tsuji Nozomi's "Non-Peace" blog.

Aside from the fact that she uses TONS of emoticons and posts boat-loads of photos... and posts something like 40 entries in a single week - she's a pretty interesting but relatively "normal" person. She shops economical on household stuffs, designs baby clothes (after having her own child last year or so), still dresses cute and acts like a fool for the camera, and is pretty open to answering simple questions about daily life.

I'm highly amused that she likes to eat so much takuan/daikon tsukemono and natto. I have to try that out some day.

AND I was stunned to find out that she was up to 60 kilos (at less than 5ft tall) while in MM. It sure didn't look it - at least on her face, arms or waist. I always thought she just had muscular legs. ^^;

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