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Meet the latest editions to my dolly family~
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I sort of neglected to post about this earlier - I've just been too preoccupied. ^^;

Kiddie #1: Lati Yellow Lami
Lil' Alien

I didn't really want to blog about her until I actually had a face-up done, but at the rate I'm going, I'm never going to get to it. -_-; I'm half-debating commissioning someone, but I really don't have the money to spare at the moment...

In fact, I'd like to re-do the face-ups of half my dolls... TwT; When will I ever have the time?

Kiddie #2: Volks Yo-SD Lin
Yo-SD Lin

She just arrived today and I had a time taking the hot glue out. >_<;; She was very well strung and holds her poses perfectly! She's wearing Aki's leftover clothes for the time being (and Kurenai's default wig).

Kiddie #3... ?

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Lami is still so cute even without a face up. I really like the LaTi doll quality. I don't like their shipping prices though

And congrats on the Lin!! I really like the Lin/Shin mold.

BTW if you have any thinner, in the future the easiest way to get out glued in eyes is take a thin metal spatula, dip the tip in thinner and you'll be able to just gently pry up the glue without any problems. Just be careful not to take off the lashes or get it on the face up. (It might take several dips of the spatula.)

I find it's a much more reliable method than just picking out the glue with my nails (Yes, I've done that) the hair dryer method (I ruined Shin's lashes that way) or the freezer method. :D

Thanks for the tip~! I really should give that a try the next time. I totally ruined my crochet hook trying to pry it all out. X_X;

I'm not too fond of any of the shipping fees in general. Because I'm in Hawaii, I get hit with UPS 2nd day air and don't have an option for cheaper shipping... but EMS from Japan/Korea is about the same. (I had to pay $31 for Volks USA UPS shipping for Lin. SICK.)

No problem, it's the method Volks showed me when I asked them out to get out the glue. I've been trying to convert more people to it since it's so much easier if you have thinner around. (Which I suspect you do if you're planning on doing face-ups!)

I just remember when I ordered a white the EMS was something ridiculously high like $50 for me. Everything generally gets to be pretty fast because I'm right outside NYC, but $50 EMS for a tiny is just painful.

But at least you got Lin faster than I'm getting Johanna. Mine is still somewhere in NJ. >>;

BTW speaking of shipping, did you get the postcard I sent you from Japan?

OH! I forgot to e-mail you about it! Thanks so much for the card! :D I have it posted by my desk~! ^_^!

I'm surprised how fast Lin got here - the day after it was posted for shipping, it was already in Hawaii... but because UPS doesn't deliver on weekends, I had to wait until Monday (although it was scheduled to arrive today).

I hope you get your Johanna soon~ I'd love to see more owner photos of her. ^o^

Technically, she's not mine, she's for a friend. ^^;; But I still want her to arrive so I can send her on to her new home.

I'm just glad it arrived, this particularly trip so many of the postcards did not actually reach their intended destination and I think because I actually drew them I was more upset by this. (My mom hasn't gotten hers o_O; )

I'm so glad you like it, I'm hoping my next set of cards goes better. Though I admit now, I can't remember which card I sent to who now since there were 2 different scenes. Did you get Gino and Suzaku or Lelouch, Rolo and Nunnally?

I really like Lin, I think her mold is so adorable, of course I own Shin. lol

It looks like a Gino and Suzaku scene? (I'm not too familiar with Code Geass, unfortunately, so I only recognize faces. ^_^)

I wonder why they didn't make it? Usually mail service is pretty decent from Japan. T_T;;

Prob lol That's OK, I just find myself a tad obsessed with it and I'm not sure why, I think it's partially my leftover Clamp fangirl.

I really don't know nearly all the ones that didn't make it were sent from Osaka and the post office there seemed a little incompetent. I spent over an hour there trying to find out how I could send something express to Tokyo so that it would definitely get there in 2 days. ~.~

Lami is so cute wraped up like that :3

ahhh you got a Lin~v v v v ahhhh (/>3<)/

You have a Shinn, right? :D

Lin's so cute, but I still have to go through all my dolly stuff and find suitable clothes for her. XD; I don't have enough brunette wigs for all my dolls now! XD;;;

I'm not a doll lover, but doesn't that first picture look like something out of Roswell? Kind of alien looking?

Kinda, especially since I purchased the doll without a face up. ^^; (I figured I should save some money and try it myself, but failed to remember that I have no time to do so. >_>;;)

(Deleted comment)
We totally should! :D I'm still trying to figure out her look. She's just wearing all of the hand-me-downs for the moment. XD;

Get better! Lots of liquids, hot baths, and rest for you!

(Deleted comment)
The hard thing about my collection is that I have one of each size doll. (well, until now!) The only ones that can swap clothes are my MSD/SDC and thankfully I can share wigs between my SDC and YoSD. ^^; So having 2 tinies is kinda nice, but I have about 3-4 outfits that can be shared between the two. ^o^ (but once I find a look I like, I tend to keep them in that style.)

But indeed. Doll stuff is a luxury right now... and it's crazy when the clothes and accessories cost almost the same amount as the doll itself. o_o; I just wish I had the time to craft my own stuff and save money. T_T; Same with face-ups. *sigh*

(Deleted comment)
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