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Driving adventures.
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I drove again to get myself some essentials from the nearby Longs.

I must reiterate. In my mind, it's easier to WALK there - driving is a totally different story.

Even though we go to this particular Longs at least once a week (usually) by car, I still have troubles driving there and back home again.

You know what, I should DRAW these out. >_>....

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Is it directional or the other drivers? I went with my mom out to Long Island this week end and was shocked at how bad the other drivers were there! It explained why every single block had a stop sign.

Partially directional~ I kinda remember locations and directions based on landmarks and orientation. If I can't visualize it in my head, I have problems getting there. ^^;;

There are a lot of bad drivers here in general, but the roads are bad and they set up our highway/freeway system backwards. >_>;;

oops...that anonymous comment was me! XD

I didn't get my license until I turned 21 (the day of, actually~ so I wouldn't have a big red bar on it saying "NOT 21 UNTIL XX/XX/XX" XD;).. mostly because I just didn't have time, a car to drive, or people who were patient enough to take me driving. I also walked or caught the bus everywhere, so I really had no need of a car.

I sort of wish I learned earlier - the traffic wasn't so bad 10 years ago and the roads were in a lot better shape! T_T;

I'm trying to make an effort to drive myself around a little more since KS now has his Honda Fit and I have the Prius to drive (until he finds a buyer). Which is kinda nice. ^^

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