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Game-Day Chili... after the game.
n2-Anpan OMP!!
So, no Wii Fit this weekend. Actually, on a semi-related note, the cable box seems to be broken. Not like we watch a lot of TV, but man - no evening news when we eat dinner? X_X;

At least we have the elgato eyeTV Hybrid hooked up to the MacPro in the workroom. ^^

And also, no Super Bowl party for us. BUT! I did make some awesome chili. I totally recommend this recipe from Coconut & Lime. The 10+ hours of cook-time is totally worth it. The hard part is looking for all the spices. I have no clue where to find ground chipotle and jalapenos... much less what "yellow hot sauce" is? We subbed in fresh jalapenos and canned chipotle and dashed in a bunch of green Tabasco.

Oh, I also used this recipe for the montreal seasoning. (Another thing I'd never heard of before either. o_o;)

I think next time, I'll leave the seeds out from the chipotle - but it had a really nice mix of sweet, smokey, spicy, and savory. I even ate the kidney beans - which I am not particularly fond of. I'll definitely make this again.

As for this morning, I got up early so I could drive myself to my dentist's office for implant impressions. I still get the jitters before getting into the car, but calmed down to some degree en route. I still have to get used to reverse parking - but thankfully, the parking structure was pretty quiet and empty at the time, so I didn't have to worry about cars on either side of upcoming traffic. o_o;

Impressions went well, drive home went well, but right down the street to my house, my cellphone starts ringing. It's my dentist's office telling me that I need to make an appointment ASAP with this other office that custom makes crowns... which is literally across the street from my dentist's office. So, I have to go back sometime later this week. I hope I can schedule it for Friday, as I have an eye appointment that afternoon, in the same area.


Today's Strip: The Chase is On!

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

Also, a cute nemu*nemu "extra" from the birthday boy himself, KS. Happy Groundhog's Day~ :D

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Oddly enough all those spices are available at almost any grocery store here, including the one right across the street from my house. Now if only I liked spicy foods like chilli....

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