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Aches & Pains
n2-Anpan OMP!!
For the past two nights, I've been feeling rather uncomfortably itchy in bed. Not sure what's causing it - maybe partially due to the herbal ointment the acupuncturist gave me? I'll be doing some heavy-duty linens washing today to see if it makes a difference.

Back to the Wii Fit - I managed to clock in 10 hours and my piggy bank turned to a nice copper color. XD I've unlocked the advanced 10 minute stage of the boxing game (which I think is more about coordination than aerobics) and the Plank challenge. My abs still hurt (2 days now...) from the 1 minute plank and 20 jackknives. Been trying to stretch things out on KS' pull up bar, but sneezing and coughing kinda hurts. ^^;;;;

Boy - I am so out of shape.

Today's Comic: Canceling Out

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We double-rinse the bedsheets at our place. (Underwear too.) It really makes a difference.

Do you do any stretching before you start your Wii Fit workout?

Ah, good idea - I really should double-rinse.

I haven't really done any serious amounts of stretching prior to the Wii Fit workouts. I usually take it easy to start and then work up to the more difficult things when I feel sort of warmed up. ^^;

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