Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Relief. Sort of.

Just returned from an unscheduled visit to my dad's acupuncturist. I smell of herbs and my neck and back muscles were pulled in some of the most inhumane ways - but I'm not sure if I feel a *lot* better as of yet. I also had a couple pins in my leg to promote blood flow to my neck and upper back. Back muscles feel somewhat fatigued from rotating my shoulders for about half an hour.

A few things that occurred to me though:

1) I probably sleep in terribly wrong positions. I think I'll try sleeping sans pillow for a while and try to keep my head upright.

2) I think I'm clenching my jaw again when I sleep because she said some of the tightness was coming from those muscles around the throat area. I noticed it earlier when I was chewing gum. I should probably be careful of what I chew for a little while.

3) I should also watch my posture. I often slouch or over-extend which often results in lower back pain.

So I have some ointment to rub into the area for the next few days and if things don't improve, I'll have to call and schedule for either another unscheduled visit or a full appointment. (I think I'd opt for the later as I'm seriously on deadline and can't quite afford to wait 1 1/2 hours for possible treatment. T_T;; (I was there from about 11:45am - left at 2pm.)

On a final note, I was amused by the resident cat, Miu Miu. She's the newest addition - I think the previous one may have passed away. She was so intently watching the large screen TV in the hallway. XD I did a few quickie sketches of her in my notepad while she was lounging around.

... and one more thing - Woo HOO! I drove the Prius to and from - even missed the Palama cut off (mistaken identity.. >_>;;;). I managed to get to the building through Kalihi and all the construction and pouring rain. Coming home wasn't too bad as it's before rush hour traffic. So GO ME. YEY.
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