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Relief. Sort of.
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Just returned from an unscheduled visit to my dad's acupuncturist. I smell of herbs and my neck and back muscles were pulled in some of the most inhumane ways - but I'm not sure if I feel a *lot* better as of yet. I also had a couple pins in my leg to promote blood flow to my neck and upper back. Back muscles feel somewhat fatigued from rotating my shoulders for about half an hour.

A few things that occurred to me though:

1) I probably sleep in terribly wrong positions. I think I'll try sleeping sans pillow for a while and try to keep my head upright.

2) I think I'm clenching my jaw again when I sleep because she said some of the tightness was coming from those muscles around the throat area. I noticed it earlier when I was chewing gum. I should probably be careful of what I chew for a little while.

3) I should also watch my posture. I often slouch or over-extend which often results in lower back pain.

So I have some ointment to rub into the area for the next few days and if things don't improve, I'll have to call and schedule for either another unscheduled visit or a full appointment. (I think I'd opt for the later as I'm seriously on deadline and can't quite afford to wait 1 1/2 hours for possible treatment. T_T;; (I was there from about 11:45am - left at 2pm.)

On a final note, I was amused by the resident cat, Miu Miu. She's the newest addition - I think the previous one may have passed away. She was so intently watching the large screen TV in the hallway. XD I did a few quickie sketches of her in my notepad while she was lounging around.

... and one more thing - Woo HOO! I drove the Prius to and from - even missed the Palama cut off (mistaken identity.. >_>;;;). I managed to get to the building through Kalihi and all the construction and pouring rain. Coming home wasn't too bad as it's before rush hour traffic. So GO ME. YEY.

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(Deleted comment)
Acupuncture isn't too bad, really - it just feels like little pricks on the skin. The hard part is staying still. ^^;

Although what usually helps more is the shiatsu massage that comes later - it hurts a ton, but if done right, it helps loosen stiff/kinked muscles.

I'd probably opt to see a chiropractor, but from what I understand, that's a series of visits, not just one. :\

Good luck with the treatments. Have you got a good chair to work in, too? Lumbar back support makes a big difference. So does having a body pillow to put under your legs when you're sleeping.

Congratulations on your driving escapades too! I don't know how anyone would learn to drive in the city these days, it's so congested and scary. Take it easy and as my dad says, "Never let other drivers push you."

I'm trying out a towel behind my back today. So far, it seems pretty comfortable - nice to have some support on my lower back, which in turn keeps me from slouching forward. ^^

Driving is pretty scary nowadays.. I kinda wish I learned properly when I was younger and forced to drive... but without a car handy, it sure made that difficult (and having my dad yell at me at every little thing wasn't much of a help either. >_>;) If I'm familiar with the route, it's more or less "okay", but anywhere else, I need crystal clear directions. o_o;;

Congratulations! Pretty soon you'll be zipping along like all the other maniacs on the road. Honestly, although everyone says how crazy drivers are here I personally find that the fact that they know how to design freeways properly partially offsets that. Come up here sometime and you can go practicing. Get away from the strip and I think you'll actually enjoy it.

Thanks~ I'm still pretty unfamiliar with the roads around here. It's one thing to walk or catch the bus places, but driving is a whole different ball game - especially with one-way roads, construction, bad weather - the works. o_O;

I'm trying to pay attention when KS drives me around, but he's a pretty impatient driver and hits the back roads to avoid traffic. ^^; That's when I get confused about areas and streets. XD;

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