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Behind Schedule - Lots of Catch Up

So, neck kink is still sticking around. Perhaps not *as* bad this morning when I woke up, but still there. It's gotten to the point where I am willing to drive to Palama Settlement to get pinned by my dad's acupuncturist. Yes - me, drive.

I'm not looking forward to driving on the H1 close to the lunch hour, but something's gotta be done. (Man, I barely like driving on back streets to get to the post office. *sigh*)

Had a nice lunch with my family at Tsukiji Fish Market at Ala Moana yesterday afternoon. My parents' birthdays are on the 25th and 27th. So I thought I'd hit 2 stones with 1 stone. I had no clue how busy it was going to be. o_o; We got there at 11am when they opened and there was a line queued outside the door. After we were seated and grabbed our food, we looked back and saw the food line reaching the entrance of the restaurant. For buffet, it's not bad. Not the *best* I've eaten - but they had a nice variety.

I forsee this being a very busy week for me... Lots of strips due, cover for Vol 3 in works, interior art, new projects, and some back-logged projects all on tap.

Wish me luck. o_o!

Today's Comic: Enter the Dark Rider

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