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n2-Anpan OMP!!
Today's EPIC comic was really supposed to go live on Saturday, but as KS was working hard to finish the Smoochie-grams, we decided to hold this comic off until today. It sort of messes up my publishing schedule, but ah well - roll with it.

Today's Comic: A Long, Long Time Ago...

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

On a semi-related note: V-day goodies!

2009 nemu*nemu V-day Cards preview
Printable PDFs can be found here!

or likewise:

and I'm available for nemu*nemu commissions until the end of this month!

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Epic comic is epic~

Random question time. Do you have a character sheet or something for Mister Buns?

I can whip something quick for you~ :D

Edited at 2009-01-20 05:16 am (UTC)

Well since I didn't have refs for Mister Buns... (lol cosplayer OCD does not go away)

crappy webcam pic but since I finished it just now...

don't worry, I'm not planning to like, sell them or something :P hahah.


Do you mind if I share him on the nemu blog and point people who might be interested in one to you?? Like your etsy shop or something??

We won't be able to craft them ourselves for a while and I think there are a few folks who are inquiring....

Well let me at least take a proper pic first lol. This one is a bit wonky too, poor guy. I'm on my way to bed now but i'll take one tomorrow morning. Yay time zones >_o;

Whee~~~! I should say that this really made my day- I was feeling migraine headachy and borderline ill most of today. Thanks so much for making a real Pollo!! :D

Daww you're welcome. I have enough fabric to make at *least* one more (there was plenty at Hancock, but I didn't buy a ton since my plushie fabric bins are way too full D:). But yeah anyway I will send you one if you like, just let me know what expression you want XD I decided on the sort of "determined face" but I could def. do "sleepy Zen" look also . . .

Thanks for the refs on Mister Buns :D I will make it worth your while lol.

Uhh was I gonna say something else? I dunno.

Quick Pollo sketch~ ^^

Pollo Profile

Oooh~~ A Pollo of our own? ^o^ A cute determined face would be awesome! ^_^v

Mister Buns Character Sheet~ :D

Mister Bun Bun

(Deleted comment)
Yay! Spread the Smoochie-love! :D

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