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Haircuts = New Starts
n2-Anpan OMP!!
We finally got haircuts today. I think the last time I got a haircut was back in October. KS went sometime in late November - early December.

Har Har!

The funny thing about the photo, I was pointing to BSG on the monitor behind us and KS jumped right into place. XD We have another 10 minutes before it goes live for us.

No time for Wii Fit today - been busy trying to get strips done this morning. It says I'm gaining weight again. T_T; I guess I have to really watch what I eat and put in a little more cardio. Wheee~~

Edit: Well, after BSG, I managed in about 30 minutes of mostly Yoga and Strength Training exercises. Some are deceptively difficult - I've been holding off on the push-ups since I *still* can't quite use my left knee (and coincidentally keep banging it when I get in the car. >____<;;;) - but started the Plank exercises. I have no clue how I'm supposed to see the screen to figure out how I'm balancing centered on the board when I'm supposed to be looking down? Just holding the pose is tough.

So is the 1-hand stand ups. Next time I try that, I'm using my yoga mat and clearing a dedicated floor space for it. Cripes is it difficult to do. X_X;

Today's Comic: Osmosis

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

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I've been doing the Wii fit too. You know what I found? It really does make a difference when you ate last. I go to bed around midnight, and I always show a weight gain if I eat any time after 9pm. So I try to have an early dinner so that I can have a dessert around 8:30pm, and then just water the rest of the night.

Oooh! Good tip~ I read that somewhere that food ingested after 9pm just becomes fat. (Now I wonder where I read this? o_O;) I'll give it a try over the next week and see how things go.

We usually end up eating a relatively early dinner (around 5pm if I'm cooking, a little later if we go out) and sometimes get "peckish" around that 9pm hour. X_X; (I usually don't notice the hunger while I'm working until it really rears up. ^^;)

Oh yeah, looking sharp! ;D

Lol y halo thar.

As for the saying about food ingested after 9PM becoming fat, I also heard that what you eat makes a great difference. I think that for most people, night-time snacking involves a lot of sugary, starchy foods to make up for the energy lost during the day. It makes sense, I certainly have a craving for a lot of sweet things after evening. Recently I've been trying to be better, instead of snacking I've been attempting to drink something like water or tea instead, so that it fills my stomach and tricks me into thinking I ate something. (end long ramble, eek! sorry!)

AHAHA that is such a great photo.

Thanks for the new years card~ It is super cute. ♥

Eeee, didn't know you're a fellow fraknut! XD

Yesterday's ep made me very sad.

omg haha, I didn't think KS would be the type to be caught on the internets with a face like that!

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