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Busy Busy Birdie

Last night, I found that I had 1GB of space left on my 250GB hard drive... and I couldn't do any work. I think most of it was due to all the podcasts I started downloading... so I backed everything up to an external HD - to later burn to DVD. I erased all my music from iTunes, removed all photos from iPhoto (backed up) and am back up to roughly 90GB.

Hopefully, this means I can use photoshop again... because a 1GB scratch disk does not allow me to do much. ^^;

While I was waiting for the gigs of stuff to back up, I completed another 20 minutes of exercise on the Wii Fit. It said that my ideal body weight should be 136. >_>...

Working on some V-day stuff. Might go live a little later today~


Today's Comic: Birdie Food

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