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Wii Week - 2

So I'm slowly getting the hang of the balance games. I still royally suck at them, but at least I've gotten to the point where I've unlocked most of the "advanced" stages. ^^;;

40 minutes clocked in today as most of my exercise was re-doing the balance games over and over until I got a decent score... then 10 minutes of running in place. It says I ran about a mile and a half, but just how does this measure up? I can't even RUN 1.5 miles in 18 minutes.. how in the world did I manage it in 10?

Regardless, I'm getting some some of exercise, which is good. I'm on-track for losing weight - my BMI is slowly dropping, although my overall weight still bounces between 126-129. (I'm guessing there's some sort of improvement going on?) (FYI, my goal is to be back at roughly 120 - which is where I was before surgery and depo shots.)

In other news, noisy neighbors.

As I wrote previously, young & new neighbors across the street decides to have house parties every now and again. I have no problem with parties, as long as they're controlled, and quiet down post-midnight. Last said party went long into the morning and it was a lot of laughing, loud chatting, and ukulele strumming - and I could hear every word.

Anyway, in short, I wrote a letter and stuffed it in their mailbox.

Last night, renter of said house went door to door looking for the person who wrote the letter and apologized about the noise. KS was outdoors, washing the car, so he spoke to the guy. Said neighbor gave KS his calling card and mentioned if the noise was bothersome, to give him a call - or call HPD. (KS didn't mention to him that we DID call the police, and they did jack...) Apparently, he wasn't at home at the time - as he works the late shift and warned them to stay indoors at later hours - the guests just didn't listen.

So, issue has been fixed - hopefully.

Last night, there was another "animated" conversation going on somewhere nearby, but I think it was mostly contained within someone's house, so it wasn't as loud. Irritating, but at least I could sleep.
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