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Weekend (Fit) Warrior Part II

Today... was not a happy day for me.

One of our younger, newer neighbors decided to hold (another) weekend drinking party at his newly rented house. This meant 1) our street was littered with trucks and cars, 2) they were out on their porch chatting.

Problem - our house does not have insulation to speak of. Second problem - our bedroom catches all the street sounds - chatty drunken conversations included.

In fact, I can hear their conversations word for word. It's even worse when they decidedly chat in the car-park of that house.

They were gathered late into the night... I'd say roughly 3am is when they finally disbanded... and yes - I was awake for all of this.

We had even called the police, who stopped by, did nothing, and drive off. I guess he thought they were being quiet enough since there wasn't much music to be had and they were all speaking, not yelling. >_>...

I woke up this morning rather angrily, wrote a letter and stuffed it into their mailbox to most likely be read on Monday.

The rest of my day was crap since I was tired as all hell and frustrated that there seemingly isn't much I can do to fix this situation. (I've already moved my workspace into the back room of this house - since it's the quietest and coolest. I can't sleep in here as well.)

So in short - the Fit was not high on my agenda and will probably go unused by me for the rest of this weekend.

Meanwhile, after a dinner of Assari ramen at Tenkaippin (which tasted a lot like... ramen in oxtail soup?) and a short 30-minute "nap" this afternoon, I felt decent enough to complete some strips and back-logged work and listen to "How Stuff Works" podcasts. (If you haven't heard them, they're really interesting! I particularly like the "Stuff You Missed in History Class" series. Check them out on iTunes. They should be in the top 10 audio podcast lists.)

Then in the background, I heard the Wii start up.

I waited until I finished my work before checking on what KS was doing. Turns out he was trying the Wii Fit out for himself - doing some of the strength training exercises. He was having trouble figuring out the poses and movements - but he managed to get through them with minor difficulty.

After clocking in 15 minutes, he decided to give it a rest for the night.

We'll see how things go from here~
Tags: life, wii fit

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