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Aloha Friday - yay!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I'm going to try a day without taking Allegra-D and see if that makes any difference. I think most of the upper nasal congestion is gone and mostly settled into my chest. *bleah*

The Cheesecake Factory is becoming one of our favorite places to eat - considering the prices are so close to that of California Pizza Kitchen and Chili's, we figure if we head out early enough to be beat the crazy crowds, we'll get a nice meal, a short walk through Waikiki, and return home.

My two favorites? The Thai Lettuce Wraps is my #1 favorite. I practically eat this every time I go... and when I want something different, I order Evelyn's Favorite Pasta. (Which is what I ordered last night.) KS and I think it's the oven-roasted tomatoes and olives that really bring out the flavors - although I always go for the artichoke hearts and roasted eggplants first... followed by the broccoli.

In fact, I have some left over from last night for my lunch today... with left over orange ABS diet chicken. Mmmm~

Today's comic: Rescue

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