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Top 3 Disney Movies

Following along tidus_dream:

List your top 3 favorite Disney Films and why?

1) Sleeping Beauty - A classic through and through - love the music, love the animation style.

2) Beauty & the Beast - I love love love loved this movie. I think it was the most I'd ever seen a movie in the theater. I could practically sing along to the whole movie at the time. Loved the character development. Loved the fact that Belle was a bookworm. Loved the fact that she fell in love with the flawed Beast - just for the person/monster he was. Although I have to say I was let down when he became a human in the end. T_T;

3) The Little Mermaid - Okay, I actually have a weird "love-hate" relationship with this movie. When it was first released, this was my favorite movie of all time. This soundtrack was the first CD I ever owned. I watched the VHS tape over and over and over again. Then I grew older and somewhat cynical and found that their relationship was based on... looks. >___>;;; Regardless, it holds a place in my heart. :D

I don't quite think of Pixar movies as part of the Disney line-up, so I won't add them here~ ^^ But in short, here's my top 3 Pixar flicks:

1) Wall-E - great storytelling with very little words
2) Toy Story 2 - Toys have a lot of heart.
3) The Incredibles - a regular family with super powers... what more to say?
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