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Top 3 Disney Movies
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Following along tidus_dream:

List your top 3 favorite Disney Films and why?

1) Sleeping Beauty - A classic through and through - love the music, love the animation style.

2) Beauty & the Beast - I love love love loved this movie. I think it was the most I'd ever seen a movie in the theater. I could practically sing along to the whole movie at the time. Loved the character development. Loved the fact that Belle was a bookworm. Loved the fact that she fell in love with the flawed Beast - just for the person/monster he was. Although I have to say I was let down when he became a human in the end. T_T;

3) The Little Mermaid - Okay, I actually have a weird "love-hate" relationship with this movie. When it was first released, this was my favorite movie of all time. This soundtrack was the first CD I ever owned. I watched the VHS tape over and over and over again. Then I grew older and somewhat cynical and found that their relationship was based on... looks. >___>;;; Regardless, it holds a place in my heart. :D

I don't quite think of Pixar movies as part of the Disney line-up, so I won't add them here~ ^^ But in short, here's my top 3 Pixar flicks:

1) Wall-E - great storytelling with very little words
2) Toy Story 2 - Toys have a lot of heart.
3) The Incredibles - a regular family with super powers... what more to say?
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omg yes Beauty and the Beast FTW! I can watch that one over and over~v and Belle has always been my favorite princess~v v v

Little Mermaid, I have the same issues with it (~___~;;;) damn you Eric.
Great Soundtrack.

Wai~ The top 3 disney are the same as mine, although The Little Mermaid might be rank 2 instead :D Although technically, didn't she save his life, and he taught her about life on land and also saved her life? I would think her being a mermaid and not very bright... well that does point a bit to beauty, but he saved her life? XD; Plus, she's the type to like ugly things too XD;;; Maybe it was his charisma!

& LOL 'cause same for Beauty and the Beast. His human form is... not that great.


I definitely agree with your first choice for different reasons, Maleficent was one of the greatest villains of all time. I also have to say (rather red-faced) that Escape to Witch Mountain still holds a place in my heart. The final choice for me is Fantasia if for no other reason then that Night on Bald Mountain was simply awesome for it's time.

Wow, my choices would have been really different. Probably Fantasia, Aladdin and I guess the third would be a toss-up between Snow White and Pinocchio. Lilo & Stitch also holds a special affection from me, but it is far from being a completely satisfying experience as a movie to be among the top choices.

As for Pixar movies, my favourites are Toy Story, Ratatouille and another toss-up for third between Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo.

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