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Lingering on...
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Chest congestion is lingering on and my cough is becoming more persistent. *sigh* Thankfully, I have a ton of lozenges, tea, and water to keep things somewhat under control.

KS is adamant that the Wii Fit is just a *game*... and to some degree, I have to agree. Many of the exercises are based on games, and instead of using your fingers, you use your whole body to do the motions. Balance is key and understanding how your body move and shifts its weight is a big part of it. Sure, for every 1-3 minutes of game-time exercise, there's just about the same in game-loading and menu selecting.. so the work out is not "constant".

However, I challenge most (un-fit people like me) to try the yoga and strength-training poses for a minimum of 30 minutes. By the end, my legs are usually shaking and I can feel a slight burn in my sides. (If you're holding your core muscles still throughout the exercises, more so.) This, I can feel more than jogging in place for 5 minutes or doing the free-step on the fastest mode for 10 minutes.

I usually try to clock in 30 minutes worth of exercise daily - in one shape or form - in one time slot or two. We'll see how things go at the end of the first 2 weeks.

I started off with a Fit Age of 33 and BMI a little higher than 21, weight at 129. So far, results are pretty stable.

Other thoughts - Kaimuki seems to be undergoing a lot of change. Urbanz Toys moved out - and we have no idea where they've gone. o_o; The new age store on the corner of 12th street (with the dragons and stone wall paintings on the side) moved out and Gecko Books has moved in. (I must say, this is a MUCH nicer location for them - larger and spacious. Perfect for table-top gaming, I say.) Shops come and go with a rather alarming turn-over rate. I hope the remaining business stay where they are!

And another observation... WHY are there so many mani-pedi spas opening? In Kaimuki, there must be at least 5-6 in a 2 block radius.

Welps - back to work for me!
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I've been a little skeptical about the Wii Fit (sounds like KS is too?) mostly because I'm accustomed to doing things in a gym or class setting, but from reading your updates, it actually sounds somewhat interesting for that kind of convenience. I lack the motivation to do these kinds of exercises at home, hence the gym/class setting, so maybe it will provide enough entertainment to motivate! (In addition to playing DS while on the stationary bike, ahah!) Look forward to hearing more about it!

It's very low-impact exercise, so my mom really enjoys doing the Fit activities. (Of course, she also goes to the gym every-other-day or so... so she's getting the whole body workout either way. XD;) For those who are used to doing high-impact/hefty cardio, you may be better off doing your usual class/gym routines. (I think you get better aerobics workout with DDR, to be honest! XD)

What I do like is that many of the exercises focus on stretching and balance - and I think many people are not aware of how their bodies hold their centers. What I find neat is that when doing the strength training and yoga poses, there is a balance goal you need to meet and sustain throughout the activity - which I think helps to make sure you are distributing your weight properly. I've done a number of pilates and yoga videos without assistance and I can almost guarantee I've done a bunch of the poses wrong. XD;;;

From what I've heard, at least 30 to 60 minutes a day is really what makes the wii fit effective. But as most have said, doing any sort of physical exercise for that long will usually yield results. I just like that the wii fit makes working out a bit more fun than the general gym workout. Also, knowing which exercises are most effect to you helps in getting the full benefit I think. I'm still looking for one though...

I can believe that. I only feel myself starting to sweat at the 25-30 minute mark, but by that time, I'm usually on the machine for about an hour and have to get back to work. (Well, including the body test and balance checks.) ^^; Maybe on weekends I'll have more time to hit the 60 minute markers. XD;

I must say though, having visual cues when working out makes it a lot less boring and strenuous. Try running in place for 5 minutes - it can be rather grueling... but have a virtual world in front of you with a goal ahead, makes it a lot more fun and interesting. :D It really takes your mind off the fact that you are actually moving your body with the intent of exercise and the time goes by quickly. ^^

I agree that in the end, it's still a game, but it gets you moving and sweating and actually makes it fun! So in that sense I think it's great. It's also being used for physical therapy and I think some fitness instructors have been quoted as praising it for how it enforces balance control, which is something you can't really measure very precisely in person.

Very much agreed. I think it was when KS and I saw the Wii being used at the care home my grandmother was at that we realized it was actually doing good for these people and enjoyable!

I was even surprised how my body wasn't quite in balance - I actually put more weight on my heels when I stand straight. But since starting, I've become a lot more aware of pulling my body forward and standing with my back straight. Definitely a good start. :D

Oh wow, I'm totally the same! It totally revealed why my heels usually hurt when I stand around for too long, so when I shift forward it really is a huge relief for my feet! It totally feels weird though.. it feels like you're leaning forward when you stand that way!

I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying Wii Fit. :) So far, I've held off getting it myself though. I think I've got enough on my plate from karate 3x per week, plus an additional aerobics class here or there. I also play with the Wii a lot less than I originally thought, so I'm afraid if I got Wii Fit, it would be yet another thing I don't use often enough. ^^;

I did download the Wiiware game "World of Goo" around New Year's and I've been enjoying it. I don't think I've enjoyed a construction/strategy game like this since I got Lemmings when I was about 11 years old. XD

PS. Add me back! 4769 6262 9135 1318

I'll be sure to add you when I fire up the Wii again! :D

I haven't had much time to check out the other Wiiware games - although I just found that "Check Mii Out" channel. XD; People are really creative when it comes to their Miis... o_o;

I'm thinking with Karate and aerobics, that should be more than enough to keep you in check. XD It'd be a better investment if there were a ton more Fit-controller related games... but with just the remote and nunchuk, I get a upper body work out just doing boxing in sports. XD;;;;;

(Deleted comment)
Ah~ the additional weights sound like a great idea for a more intensive work out!

I agree, to really be *fit*, there should be more in a person's daily exercise routine. But, every little bit helps. :D

Super hoolalop almost gave me a heart attack lol

No kidding! XD;; I was like.. what? I'm only HALFWAY done? I gotta do this the OTHER side?? XD;

I'm looking forward to test the wiimote range with wiifit. "Running" around in my living room which is on the upper floor is not a good idea XD I'm hoping I can actually leave the house a bit and actually run outside. In the backyard at least. Some said the range is 400 ft? I gotta test it out.

Running outside with a wiimote talking to you will be so cool XD

Wii Fit. It's "just a game"...?

So's soccer.

Well, that's what KS says. XD; Then again, he's only seen me do the game-type activities like the step dance (DDR-ish aerobics games) and balance games (like hula hoops and skiing). When I suggest he give it a try, he's rather impatient about it... but then again, he has a low-attention span when it comes to video games in general.

I'd like to think it's more beneficial to me in the long run - sure good cardio and weight-strength training is important, but not everyone is totally up to speed for it. I honestly think if someone wants to really get *fit* there should be a combination of both Fit-style games (to correctly teach posture and balance ('cause really - who's going to correct you if you're doing things wrong if you're by yourself?) and some other cardio/weight-training on the side.

We have a Wii but I've never played it or used it. However, one of my friends has lost over 20 pounds largely to using the Wii Fit.

My feeling is any activity is better than none.

Of course, my personal workout schedule is four bike rides, four runs, and three weight sessions a week, but not many Geeks are as foolhardy as I am.

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