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The "Bleah" Feeling continues on
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Grah! Still sneezing and feeling congested. At least throat's no longer sore. ^^

Had a really nice dinner at Hiroshi's with my family and KS. They have a special "locally grown" menu - mostly seafood w/ Japanese noodles/rice, but it was really delicious. My favorite was their Crispy Moi. (Moi is by far, my favorite fish to eat as a dish, when it's in season and affordable - otherwise, I'll settle for grilled salmon. :D)

Still behind schedule - I had to rest a few hours yesterday after taking some de-congestion meds. Wii Fit had to go on hold for a day or so. Will get back on track this week for sure.

Today's Comic: It Came From the Heavens

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ouuuuu moi sounds tasty. I wanna try it if I'm in your neck of the woods

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