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n2-Anpan OMP!!
Blargh. Sick sick sick.

What started with a scratchy sore throat has grown into a full body ache (mostly my shoulders, upper back, and arms), chest congestion, and semi-runny nose. >_<;; It totally killed my Saturday, although I was still able to cook a ton o' mushrooms in a mushroom and chicken ragout that turned out pretty kick arse. I had planned to do a lot of drawing for upcoming events, but that went down the tubes fast. At least I plotted out most of this current chapter and starting to brainstorm the next.

What a way to start off the new year. :\

But on the bright side, KS and I went to church for the first time in over a year. The funny thing is, the message this time was for me. In short, it was about resolutions - and how good intentions are never enough. We can all intend to do great things, but our actions always speak louder than words. Goals, practice, direction, guideposts - all things we need in our lives and we need to set them up ourselves and hold ourselves accountable. A good message to kick off the new year. I intend to find that focus this year and stick with the program. :D

Speaking of programs - day 2 of the Wii Fit. I really like unlocking new exercises, although I seem to have the most problems with the balance activities. The aerobic ones are a lot of fun - it's easy to run in place when you have something to focus on. I haven't quite the space for the strength training exercises yet. Gotta clear out the living room some more.

Welps - time for me to cut this short and get back to work~! Woo~ *koff koff*

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(Deleted comment)
Seriously~! :D It's definitely not easy, but if we really want to do something, we should make that happen in our lives.

Goal #1 - save enough money to visit Japan with KS. (He also has to get his passport... >_>;;;;;;)

(Deleted comment)
I hope you feel better soon!

Good for you guys for getting to church... that's cool that the message really hit home with you- I love when that happens!


Church is something I've personally struggled with (internally) for the past number of years... but KS has been quite patient with me. He's been feeling the need to return, and I know I could use some spiritual guidance in my life as well. The messages always remind me what I need to do to be a better person. We really need those every now and again. :D

I hope you feel better! Which church are you folks going to?

We're going to New Hope @ the Farrington campus. It's a relatively new experience for me - I'm more used to the usual stoic ceremony at Priory. I personally like how congenial Pastor Wayne (and the other speakers as well) are. They put things simply and relate to what affects people on a daily basis, even going so far as to talk about their own life experiences - good and bad, but what they learned from it.

Where do you go for your services? My family tends toward Izumo Taisha or the one up the Pali. (Or Soto Mission - I used to go to Japanese school there.)

(Deleted comment)
I really enjoy going to the New Hope services here - it feels less like a ceremony and more like a party. (Well, maybe not a "party" but more of a "celebration".) Very different from what I was used to at the Episcopalian school I went to. ^^

Aww... sorry to hear you're feeling sick. There seems to be a lot of it going around this year. I was sick for Christmas. But at least I had some days off to rest. I was recovering fairly quickly, except now I can't quite shake the last little bit. :p

As for goals, something to keep in mind is that in order to meet a long term goal, you need short-term plans. Realistic, do-able baby steps really are the way to go, cliche as it sounds. A commitment to something big like losing weight, or even just eating healthier is difficult and there is a lot of pressure sometimes. A commitment to eating one banana and drinking an extra glass of water each day is not so scary. ^_~

PS. Thanks for the Xmas card!! Some day I will send out cards too. OTL

I, too, am surprised by just how many people are falling ill these past months! ^^;; I'm just tired of going to the doctor and constantly taking antibiotics. I'm just going to try and sweat this one out. So far, aside from the congestion, it hasn't been too bad. ^^;

So true about goals - I'm pretty terrible at making them.. even since I was a kid, I had a really hard time understanding the concept of goals and how they worked. Either they'd be unrealistic or not worth my time - IMO.. and I'd never keep to the plan. This year, after doing this business thing for a full year now, I have a much better idea of what my parameters are - what's doable and realistic... and what sort of things I can do to get there.

But definitely smaller tasks to reach those larger goals are a must.

That reminds me.. I need to take my vitamins. XD;;;;

I go to Kane'ohe Higashi Hongwanji. Getting to service on Sunday morning is always the issue for me; service starts at 9 and it's only a mile or so away from home. When it's a little warmer I can get up before 6, do a couple hours on the bike, then come home, shower, change, and make it to service on time. When the service is over I usually do my library run for the week.

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