Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

New Year's Day 2009

It's January 2009! Yay!

First things, first - our East Oahu Sun exclusive:
Mishter Snowman

... and back to our usual programming...

Today's Comic: Fun ish Outside

I had a great New Year's Day. TONS of food, starting with a breakfast at McD's, a HUGE lunch at a friend's family's home, and dinner in Waikiki at Tacone. (Yes, Tacone. Cheesecake Factory's line was out the door and down the street.) We watched portions of the Kouhaku Utagassen on KIKU (recorded, so I'll catch the missed parts later) and was mighty impressed with Hiikawa Kiyoshi's anchor performance. :D (I later tweeted to Kenji that it was one of the best three I've seen in recent memory: Namie Amuro's return from pregnancy-leave with "Can You Celebrate?" and this one performance with Kitajima Saburo (a.k.a. the KING of enka) where he was singing amongst a whirlwind of flying paper confetti - and the confetti got into his mouth and he kept on singing.)

Unfortunately, my night ended with a scratchy sore throat, a lot of stomach bloat, and pure exhaustion... and I woke up with the scratchy sore throat and partial stomach bloat. T_T;

Go go New Year!
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