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Looking back on 2008
I really can't believe it's just about the end of the year.

If you've been keeping up with this sporadic journal, I'm sure you'd have to agree with me that it's been one roller-coaster of a year. As much as I look forward to it ending, I have a feeling that things will only get crazier as the years pass. Perhaps it's something I just have to get used to with age. ^^; Just looking at my calendar for next month, I kinda wish time *would* slow down, just a bit. ^^;

So, looking back on the year:

+ Working on nemu*nemu as my full-time job has been very rewarding in so many ways. Stressful, but I've learned a lot this first year. I know I have a lot more to learn.

- Surgery and hospital visits galore. KS and I are sick of hospitals. SRSLY. I never get answers anymore, just meds and get told to drink a lot of water and "take it easy".

+ Being married 1 year and counting. Always a learning experience. XD I think I've successfully made KS clinically crazy with all the H!P and Steely Dan music I listen to on repeat... (I can't help it - I can listen and work with it playing and it doesn't necessarily distract me. ^^;;;)

- Overall cost of living rises. Income not necessarily matching, but at least we're comfortable.

+ Having a better understanding how this self-employment business works. It's hard when I'm sick, tired, hurting, but I'm quickly learning how there's no such thing as a holiday. There's no one to take up the work when I'm out and nothing is worse than having to stress out to catch up and/or get ahead. But, it's also very satisfying to tell people that KS and I do all the work. That always seems to gain respect/acknowledgement from strangers who seem to think we're just bringing the "next big thing from Japan". o_o; (Does our stuff look THAT anime/manga to you?? Yeesh?!)

+ Getting to meet fans/friends and make new ones. It's weird how solitary this job can be, but to make a living off it, we have to be quite sociable. It's almost a necessity. That's a somewhat new experience for me. I can be pretty passive and get flustered easily in public. But doing public talks, workshops, panels... they've all really helped to get me more centered and focused. ^_^ (They're still not necessarily "easy", and I still get nervous, but I feel more comfortable now than a year ago.)

- My quarterly depo shot. I'm SO thankful that this is considered a medical necessity. I would NOT like to pay full-price for those things every 3 months. I'm on my 3rd shot and have 1) gained about 10 lbs since my surgery post-Fanime due to the frequent hunger pangs and for some reason I end eating more than usual to feel full, and 2) have had my monthly "visitor" turn into a freeloading squater that has not left for 4 months... (THE HELL.). At least I haven't had my frequent migraines, horrible cramps, and other problems since - so far.

- Family members passing away. Never easy.

+Travel was nice this year. Mostly familiar places and familiar faces, but familiar is comfortable and we always look forward to it!

2009 should be a pretty productive year. (Or at least I should be making it so!) XD

Today's Comic: Winter Break

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Well, I hope your next year will be better, but as for time slowing down? HAH! Get ready, 'cause time only flies by faster as you get older (trust me, I still remeber you as a fresh-faced high schooler so that tells you a lot about what getting older feels like).

Hahaha~ now I know what it feels like with the new crop of kids we mentored in MangaBento. THEY were freshmen in high school at the time and now they're all at college. o_o;

Hey you. I feel like in a way, your year mirrored mine in some ways. The physical stuff, yup, and I'm glad the depo shots are working for you. I'm finally feeling like the Ovral are doing the trick. It really is up to us to figure out what the right thing is. Thank goodness for the internet.

Sorry about your losses. Never easy.

Self-employment, dude, yeah it's all about finding that line. Dealing with the hours alone and then all the face time. I do think you both have made great strides with Nemu Nemu, and you just have to remember there is this "japanophile" thing going on right now and not get caught up in that. People just say stuff because they think it makes them "cool" and "knowledgeable". They don't know nothing.

Wishing you a very productive and prosperous New Year, and maybe just a chance that I can finally run into you and go YAY!

Hey! I'm glad that the Ovral is working for you. The depo shots have been great for the most part. I just have to adjust to my new eating habits and learn to be more proactive about my health in general with exercise and diet. ^_^

Thanks for all the support! I'm really hoping that this year will be a good one~ for everyone~ ^^

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