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How I spent my night sans power.
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Survived island-wide power outage last night. After reorganizing my drawers (since I pretty much washed a majority of my laundry yesterday), spent the whole night reading Cesar Milan's second book, "Be the Pack Leader".

Power came back on at 7am this morning. Hunted for food at the KCC Farmer's Market, which was seriously packed with what must have been all the awake Japanese tourists. Ate pesto pizza and dented my brand new Kleen Kanteen by dropping it by KS' new Fit's door. Pissed KS off royally. Yet, no dent on his car seen.

Came home, walked mom-in-law's dog around the neighborhood while waiting for my laundry to dry. Reorganized the linen closet.

KS went off to work to reset all the servers. I'm finally catching up on all the net I didn't seem to miss?

Back to work~
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I'm never pleased when we have blackouts, though now we have a lot more flashlights and candles than we use to.

You're so lucky to have farmer's markets this time of year. I wish we did but it's so cold, I've thought about trying to put together some sort of green house in the back yard.

This is our second island-wide blackout in 2 years. Not a good track record for HECO (our only source of electricity in this state...) >_>;; The last time, everything went down due to an earthquake. This time, lightning. (supposedly.)

Thankfully, we had a bunch of flashlights, LED battery powered night lights, and lamps to keep us out of total darkness. I think we need to invest in a crank radio next. XD In general, I'm pretty thankful we have warm weather year-round - a lot of the problems we suffer (floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes) are all a lot more manageable without insufferable heat or cold. ^^

I love farmer's markets, but the produce here is pretty limited, and still pretty pricy. The biggest one locally is held at a community college on the outskirts of Waikiki, so we have a lot of tourists who stop by as well.

I can truly relate. While it was not city-wide, we went through a several year period where every 3-4 months we would lose phone service for 1 week when the lines crossed in the box. The problem wasn't fixed until we switched to FiOs and bypassed the box completely. ~.~

We have a crank radio, they're not that bad and we have a lot of good LED flashlights as well and a few crank flashlights even! >>;; Yeah my parents lost electricity once for a 1 week period in November and one needed electricity to start their oil burner and so they had no heat for that week and things got very chilly!

Local produce tends to be pricy here as well because land prices are so high, so I can definitely commiserate. But it's so lovely when one can get fresh and local things. I'm surprised produce selection is so limited since your weather is so good and I would think you don't have to worry about drought issues either. Right now we have nothing really but I'm hoping in March or April to get something, at the very least I am hoping to start planting some of my own seedlings assuming I can fight off the squirrels. At least most of the garlic looks like it made it. >>;

Ah, I forgot about land prices! For a lot of items that are not produced locally, they fly them in from the mainland. Oftentimes the produce isn't as fresh as they could be and sometimes cost more depending on freight charges. Locally produced items are usually more fresh, last longer, sometimes taste better, but like buying organic, it's priced much higher so the farmers here can make back their money. When it floods or there's high winds (like as of late), crops get wiped out. Also because Oahu's land is being almost totally developed for urban expansion, it really cuts down the agricultural lands... so we often rely on the neighbor islands for the items they cultivate.

It's pretty interesting to think how Hawaii as a state must rely on transportation to bring anything in. If those lines are cut, it can be pretty chaotic. o_o;

do you go to the farmer's market often?
my dad works there X3
I love~ farmer's market ^_^

Really? Does he have a booth or a part of the farmer's association?

We go from time to time. We haven't gone much as of late because we've just been too busy to cook. When I'm regularly cooking, we'd go regularly. ^^ I love buying the BaLe breads/rice crackers. KS always gets the pesto pizzas~ ^^

he works part-time to help "Made in Hawaii" for the KCC farmer's market X3
Oooh~ we tried the pesto pizza once, nummy~ X3

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