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Christmas Countdown
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Hrmm.. since Sunday morning, I've been fighting off these weird waves of mild nausea and stomach discomfort. Not sure it was from Taco Bell dinner the night before or fried eggs on toast Sunday morning... All I know is, I still feel mildly ill and it's hard to concentrate. :\

Can't believe it's Christmas this week! I have SO much stuff to complete before then, it's not even funny. I just hope I can scratch everything off my list before all the lunch and dinner parties. *sigh*

Today's Comic: And the Winner is...

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"fried eggs on toast"

L....Laputa toast?! Oh thank goodness- I thought I was the only one who actually DID this XD.

(My money's on Taco Bell as the source of your discomfort. I like to think I have a gut of galvanized steel, but that place sets even ME off.

INDEED Laputa toast! XD Well, I use more rustic/crusty breads, but I like to season my eggs with salt. pepper, and a little nutmeg while it's frying in the pan. I also like to cook it in a pat of butter - oil or Pam just don't do it for me.

When I have bacon on hand, I usually fry that in the oven/microwave for a more hearty meal... and add onions and tomatoes and fresh basil from the yard. ^^

I'm thinking it's Taco Bell too.. My stomach just churns when I think about it. :\

Dude, look at your comment- you actually eat REAL FOOD. It's GOTTA be the Taco Bell. Their brand of vaguely food-like product does not jive well with stuff that's actually edible :D!

(Deleted comment)
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