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Last Weekend to Xmas

It's the final weekend before X-mas and the nosepad on my glasses managed to lose its screw and fall off. Would you believe that 1) it costs $5-10 to get it repaired at Lenscrafters and 2) the repair kits you can buy at the drugstore do not carry screws that small?

So we had to battle morning traffic to Ala Moana (as that's where my optometrist is) and get it fixed. Thankfully, we were early enough to find open spaces by the back end of Macy's. Of course, by the time we left, it was completely full and there was almost a mexican stand-off for the space between a Ladybird Z and an SUV. (The LZ was there first.) >_>;

Anyhoo - we're trying our best to avoid malls right now.

In other news, I've been looking for the complete trio of red DollHeart Cherry outfits for a while now. I've been kinda "eh" on most of the DollHeart dresses as of late. I happened upon them about a year ago on eBay and I waffled, right around the time the stock was low. I was mostly waiting for the Yo-SD Lovely Cherry to go on sale. When I finally put my bid in for the MSD Classic Cherry, I was told the listing was put up in error and was refunded my money. ;;;;;o;;;;;;!

Well, I managed to find the SD Cherry Romance on LJ and the YoSD Lovely Cherry on DoA. I found someone with a feeler for the MSD Classic Cherry and was sending offers, but this person did not respond after numerous PMs and e-mails.

I was just about to give up when I saw a new listing on Pasu Lau's eBay Dollheart shop - for the Classic Cherry. O_O. Yes, I'm totally short on funds, but I HAD to buy it.

I'm just hoping that listing wasn't put up in error. I'm SO happy to finally have all 3 dresses. Yay!

I also have a few sales going on on DOA:
Eyes & Wigs
SD & MSD Clothes

Boy, this has been such an expensive month for me... I'm glad I'll be heading into the new year busy with comic work to keep from buying stuff.

Friday's Comic: Break a Leg

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