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Back From Maui
n2-Anpan OMP!!
We are back from our short, overnight stay on Maui. In short, we were taking my grandma to her final resting place at Mantokuji Temple, but also had a chance to see our other relatives at the Hongwanji in Makawao. It was both a sad and happy trip. My dad got to chat things up with his cousin and we ventured all over the island (save for Hana. NOTHXKBYE.)

Of course, like all our trips, it was an opportunity to eat. Boy- we surely ate. Lunch at Tasty Crust, dinner at Sansei, breakfast from Home Made Cafe, lunch from Cupie's and Island Kitchen (Minit Stop), and the usual guri guri ice cream and Krispie Kreme donuts right before we left. Just missed Sam Sato by an hour or so though. T_T

This has been a year of blubber... and KS invested in a treadmill (which just got delivered and installed today) and once we hit the new year, we'll be back to shopping for groceries and hopefully, cooking/eating more healthy. It's bad news when I can't pull my pants up over my hips when a year ago, they were all relatively loose. *sigh*

But we're back home, catching up to all our correspondence and hopefully I can get my stack of strips done by tonight. Tomorrow I'll be at my grandma's house, sorting through all her belongings with my mom. I doubt we can get through everything by the new year, but I guess my family believes it's worth a try.

Wednesday's Comic: Human Understanding

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(Deleted comment)
It must have been really nice to have the chance to see the rest of your family even if the occasion was not the happiest. I know I always really like having the opportunity to see my family.

I'm quite jealous of you right now, I'm sure Hawaii is comfortable and sunny while it is so cold and dismally gray here. ;;_;;

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