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I cannot wait for this year to be over. It has been a year FULL of extreme lows and supreme highs... but I'd prefer a year of less stress and overall anxiety... but I have a feeling the older you get, the more of these moments you encounter.. and in quicker succession.


There's a good chance my family, KS and I will be traveling to Maui the week after next. Any hotel suggestions? We're planning on staying for one night.

Other news - we'll be heading Priory for our last event of the year. Much more definitive information on location, time, parking, etc is available HERE!

I highly suggest the Central Middle School and Capitol Place parking (despite pay - they're just down/across the street from Queen Emma Square. DoH, and other State of Hawaii parking lots are decent walks. (Roughly 1-2 city blocks).

Today's Comic: Anxiety

Click on the comic to see the rest of today's comic!

I'll have a special weekend comic up tomorrow. Watch for it~
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