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Weekend events are TOUGH.
n2-Anpan OMP!!
What a weekend.

Early morning starts on both Saturday and Sunday, 30 minute drives to Waipahu (no traffic, thankfully~), wind, rain, and blazing sun. We survived our first real "craft fair" at HUOA and I shall declare it a success!

KS and I are both still pretty exhausted. Hauling stuff and keeping on our feet most of the weekend was tough. I really give mad props to folks who do this as their living - jumping from one event to the next, weekend to weekend. o_O;

Our next event's at St. Andrew's Priory (my alma mater) on Saturday from 8-2pm. It's a small event, and we're there on behalf of the Art Department. More info on that as I get it~ ^^

Today's Comic: Every Vote Counts

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic~!

In other news, I'm still debating whether or not to enter in the upcoming Dolpa. Dolls are still on my far, far back back burner at the moment, but the possibility of getting a Kurumi and/or Lin this time around is tempting... but being in the hole $1000+ is not a good idea in this crappy economy. *sigh*

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yeah. . . i'm still playing with the idea of a Tohya D: *SOB*
But the Kurumi (miruku~v) is such a good deal! (@___@) especially bcos it doesn't have the h.naoto clothes to jack her price up.

I really like the current storyline, am totally officially in love with Anise~

Glad to hear the Craft Show went well! That's the thing about Hawaii events, the suuuunnn. @A@

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