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Cup Nemu ish Live!

So! Our newest shirt is available for "pre-order"! The shirts are actually on-hand, fully printed and ready to go - we're just giving our online audience a head-start on the ordering since quantities are somewhat limited - some sizes, more than others.

"Pre-order" closes on Friday, November 28th. No reprint guarantees at this point~

So, I'm still not sure what KS has, but he's been complaining of all-over body ache, sinus pains and pressure, congestion, and overall feeling miserable.

Thankfully, the rest of his family is (literally) next door, so I can ask them for basic necessities like miso soup, tissue, tomato soup, and trips to Costco to pick up electrolyte drinks like Gatorade.

I've done a few runs to the local Longs' Drugs to pick up his antibiotics prescription and cold syrups. The weather has been rather windy and rainy as of late and driving at night has been rather scary for me. I'm still not sure how to gauge the size of KS' car and it's even harder to see at night for me. (At some points, it feels like I'm guessing where to complete my turn since I can't see the lane lines. o_o;;;)

At least I haven't had any accidents (yet), so I'm feeling pretty decent about driving in general. I have a few more runs to make to the bank and post office tomorrow morning. At least it's bright daylight and familiar territory, so I'm not worried.

Today's Comic: My Big Break!

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