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Since returning from California, it's been an up-hill battle to catch up. So many things are going on at once and I can barely keep track of everything. It's getting to the point that my brain shuts down and refuses to do anything productive - when I know I should be working. *sigh*

To top things off, KS is sick. He rarely gets sick, but when he does, it's pretty bad. The doctor says it's viral, but he's developing a fever, is really congested, and has all-over body aches/pains. He's been out of work since Friday, but still chugging along to keep nemu*nemu afloat. I'm trying to take care of him as best I can, and convince him to get as much rest as he needs... but he keeps popping back into the workroom. ^^;;;


On a somewhat unrelated note - but somewhat related as well... I've learned to not trust resumes that state an applicant is well-versed in web site creation/design/maintenance... unless I see examples of their work and hard coding. Why? Because I (and more often than not, KS) somehow get stuck FIXING the problems they created.

Seriously.. I thought people learned by now to NOT use full-sized photos and resize them using percentages in code. Not only do the images come out skewed, the file is literally downloaded each time someone views the page. One 5MB photo is okay.. so to speak, but 30??!!


MovableType has a plugin that resizes photos into nice thumbnails based on the pixel width of choice. Is it so difficult to use?

This is part of the reason why we both don't really like consulting work. *sigh*

In other good news (as mentioned on our nemu blog), KS and I were featured in an article on the Anime News Network! We had the pleasure of meeting Evan Miller at APE and he asked if he could follow up with us when we got back home. ^_^

We're also getting ready for our next event, a craft fair at the Hawaii United Okinawa Association in Waipahu on Thanksgiving weekend. We're praying for no rain, as we'll be located outside with tents. We will have new items up for sale:

The pins are currently available on our site for sale. Our new shirts will be available online for pre-orders shortly. We've ordered a lot less than usual due to the sagging economy, so quantities are rather limited in some sizes.

And of course, we have our holiday sale going on. Prices can't get much better than this on our books, shirts, and prints! Sale ends on December 12th to ensure packages get to their destinations by Christmas.

...and lastly, our comic from Monday. We started a new chapter and it might not go the direction you think it will! XD

Monday's Comic: The Real Question

Click on the preview to see the rest of Monday's comic!
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