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The Big (3) O
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Wow~ I somehow never thought I'd live to see the day I "graduate" from my 20's to the big 30's. XD

KS and I have been crazy busy these past weeks trying to get everything ready for APE - this is our first time attending/first time showing at this event and it's a little nerve-wracking to not know what to bring. It's much smaller than most cons, so we're focusing on our printed material - books, mini comic, a few older prints, and a limited number of our pups, and pins.

If you're planning to go and are interested in any of our shirts, hats, prints of specific comics/posters, etc, let me know before WEDNESDAY so we can set it aside and put it in our packed luggage. We might have a few on hand, but again, no guarantees.

Also, for those interested in PUP FICTION, our 40-some-odd page mini comic collection, but are not attending APE, we have a wait list open. Again, no guarantees, as it's a limited run~

Just follow the instructions in my blog post: HERE!

Today's Comic: Only the Strong

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

Ah~ today will be my one and only relax day. (Although I'll probably be back to work in the evening...) My mom's taking me to Aveda for a spa day thing - much needed and sincerely appreciated. ;o;! Yayness!

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(Deleted comment)

Thank you!!

I hope to see you either on Halloween or at APE! E-mail me your contact info~~~ (kyubikitsy @ gmail)

Happy birthday, Audra! Don't worry, the third decade is a nice one. Welcome! :D

That's what I've heard from many of my 30-some-off year old friends. :D I kinda look forward to what the 30's bring~ ^_^

Happy birfday!

I'm hitting my 30 in a couple of weeks too... ;.;

So true! Happy (early) Birthday too! :D

Happy birthday! :D I hope you're enjoying your spa day and thinking of absolutely nothing at all.

Good luck at APE! I'm sure it will go swimmingly.

I hope so! :D In the very least, today was a good day~ ^__^v

(Deleted comment)

Re: A-birthday A-cha-cha to you! ^o^

Thank you! XD

Happy Birthday!! *throws confetti* 30! There's a milestone. Have a good time at the spa place with your mom. :)

Happy Birthday! おたんじょび おめでとうございます!

I totally wish I was going to APE (though with our dollar the way it is, maybe it's better that I'm not travelling in the US right now...) Have a great time there, and if I don't get in touch with you again before you leave, you guys should remember to take a special moment out for yourselves on Friday... :3 :3

I think rufftoon will be there also, though just as a visitor as I don't think the Flight crew will have any official presence at APE. She is really nice and would be a good person for you to network with. :D

Thank you! :D I wish you could make it to APE too, but yeah - the economy is crazy bad right now... X_X;;; We're just lucky that we booked so far in advance... if not, we'd be paying PER LUGGAGE instead of having 1 check-in item per person. o_o;;;

I'll keep an eye out for her! I know most of the Flight crew are dispersed for the event as Kazu and Amy will be in Italy, but I hear at least gallery nucleus will be there...

and I'm TOTALLY keeping an eye out for the Totoro Forest project book. O_O. I missed the online sale for it and will be STALKING their table for a copy. >_

Happy birthday to you!! I hope you enjoyed that spa day... sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a new decade!

Thank you! :D It was a wonderful day~ couldn't have asked for a better birthday! ^_^

Happy boifday, keeper of the pups!

Semi-related Q: are you bringing any of your girls along? ^^

Thankees! (We still have your cookies in the freezer, BTW~ XD)

I was considering bringing one of my girls, but we might be overloaded with luggage. T_T;; If we were just traveling on vacation, it wouldn't be too bad. *sigh* Will you have your twins on hand? XD

Eww, staaaale cookies! Well, it's best you didn't eat them cuz they tasted not so good. XD;;

The tenacious twosome may show up, but when the human is busy during volunteer time, may they camp out at your table? They promise not to dog-ear your books. XD

Sure! If they don't mind helping us hawk our goods~ XD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! >____<)

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