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Catching Up~
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Ahh~ busy yesterday and forgot to post the comic in time.

Working on getting the last of my comics buffer ready for KS to letter. It's times like this that are nice - when I get ideas for strips when working on strips, I can just shuffle my buffer around to accommodate them. :D As it stands, I'm set until we return from APE.

Speaking of APE - is anyone going? We'll be in the area from October 30-November 5th. (Arrive late at night, leave early morning. Suckage, but we don't have a choice in flights.)

Wednesday's Comic: Epic Pizza

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

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I'll be there. No table this year, but I'll stop by yours and say hey ;D

Awesome~! :D Will you be in costume? ^o^?

Haha, probably not. Do a lot of people cosplay at APE?

Not sure, but there's a mixer taking place on Halloween - where they ask folks to dress up. XD;;

I'm not sure how many folks cosplay at an event like APE. I'm guessing there are some.

Ahh, well I'll be coming on the 1st so I'll be missing the mixer, but it sounds liek it would be fun. Since this is my first time going to APE, I have no idea what to expect.

Yes ma'am!

I signed up for a volunteering gig at APE. It seems less stressful than volunteering at commiecon.

Did you need a local addy to ship stuff to?

Ee! Thanks for the offer~ although it might be a little late for me to ship anything in time. T_T; It's all good though- we've been shipping our heavier stuff directly to our hotel, so we're (mostly) set.

This'll be our first time at APE - I'm looking forward to it. Will you be at the mixer?

...I had no cloo about the mixer. Is it for paid members only? I'm getting in via my commiecon badge. I better stare at their website some more. XD

I wonder if the mixer is just for the folks who got tables? It also doubles as a pre-reg for us, so we'll be there regardless.

Mwahaha, we will totally stalk you guys at APE this year. We have to pick up a copy of Pup Fiction after all. :DDD Maybe if you guys have time between the convention and return flight, we could meet you guys up for dinner or something?

Sure~! We'll be driving/training it into the city to hit J-town ONE of the days I'm sure. XD What's your schedules like?

We can leave our weekends open if that works for you, otherwise evenings are usually best.

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