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(no subject)
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Despite the fact I'm emptying my doll closets like crazy...

...and nevermind that my dolls have been in their boxes since early this year...

I still like my small family of girls.

DailySketch 2008.10.19
This was drawn a few weeks ago...

The original four are still around and probably won't be going anywhere. I just lament that I have 4 different body-types to deal with... (At least the SDC and MSD share clothes and shoes, while the SDC and YoSD share the same wigs....)

After 3 years, I have a pretty good idea of what each of their personalities are - which wigs and eyes are theirs, what clothes they tend to wear, and what their faces will look like should I decide to ever re-do their face-ups.

I wonder if I'll ever get around to doing these girls' story...

Well, back to the other story!

Today's Comic: Foresight

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

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I LOVE your girls~ (>3<) wish I could see them more~!! those sketches are adorable!
hope you get a chance to fiddle around with them some time :D face ups are fun~! ^^

Aww~ thankees~ ^^ I feel badly that they are all boxed up.. they were put into storage when we fumigated the house during Fanime and have more or less been there since. T_T;; I just haven't had time to play around with them with all our deadlines. *sigh*

Maybe in a few more months... or maybe after Fanime next year. XD;

You guys make face ups look so easy~~ ToT I fear to see what my renditions will turn out like. XD;

I've been neglecting mine pretty badly too ^^;;; only got the SD with me up here and I only have time to stare at him in between HW. haha;;; but just looking is fun too. * nudge nudge*

I hope we can go to fanime too! being in SF and all! >_< see ya'll there!!?!?

lol, no way! I'm sure you'll be fantastic at it and put us all to shame! XD

I hope you can make it to Fanime~ I know it's right around that time you're ending school for the summer, but if you can make it - you should come. :D

(Deleted comment)
Thankees~! ^^ I'm really trying to find my style and simplify it. I've been liking the results as of late~ :D

It's sort of like the mass exodus from H!P too!.
Sell the Migu if you need the money now, but if you can sit, sit.

My Miu's sold~ but for good reason too. You'll see in a few months. ^^

Well you said a few months XD XD XD

Uuu~ yay for dollie sketches. I miss seeing you and your girls. hopefully you'll be able to come to the next meetup ^^ I hope you get a chance to try giving them faceups~ ^^

Ooo~ when is it scheduled for?

still working on it. shooting for december or early january ^^

I loves your sketches based off of your dolls. I especially love all the expressions and the way you drew their faces.

I would love to see more sketches of your girls. If you're unable to formally commit them to paper, maybe you could just post little bits here and there, like small pieces of profile information and storyline and such?

I should~ TT My doll site's been pretty defunct (mostly broken since KS moved servers and upgraded the back-end) too~ ^^;

The girls are cute, but the froggy is =owo=.

Pickles is my new favorite Sanrio-based character~ :D We found him at local shop and he was the right size for my doll (well - they were about the same height, really. ^^). So simple, but so cute~ ^^

Drawn dollfies! <3

Dagnabbit, they're adorable. Please post more whenever you feel inclined!

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