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Doll Stuff For Sale
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Just updated my DOA sale pages with some new eyes:

Eyes & Wigs
SD & MSD Clothes

Might put my Migidoll Miu head up for sale as well as she's just been sitting in her box since arriving. (...and it's been a year to the day since her arrival/box opening.) I was planning on using the head for paint practice, but I dunno - I never seem to have the time.

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Oh man, I've been wanting a Miu. ;_; (Of course right now I'm totally considering selling half of my dolls, but... Miu!)

I know the feeling~ XD;; I'm sticking with all my complete dolls (although I'm considering re-doing some of their face ups when I have a dedicated moment...) but my floating heads might have to go... I already sold off my Sch B, which was a sad moment and my SDC Ren. T_T;

If you're interested in Miu, PM me a price~ I'm generally looking to get back the base price I paid for her.

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I really dislike selling my stuff... T_T... I'm picky when it comes to stuff I buy and spend a lot of time debating if it's the right thing or not. It sucks when I have to give them up and they're worth less than what I paid for. >_>; Not to mention, it's a lot of work.

Ah well, it's a necessity at the moment~ ^^;

Oh!! and Happy Birthday! :D Hope it turned out to be a good day!

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