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Kink Kink Go Away

Boy - I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish today's comic in time... but all turned out well. The air still smells of printer toner/fuser as we've literally been printing all day. (We went through 2 toner cartridges and 3 packs of paper...)

On top of that KS had something like 3 hours of sleep last night and a little more the night before to get the file to print properly... while I had to broil in the house all day with the windows and doors open to get some circulation in here while the printer was running. We're both beat, but we made our deadline. We have a few more coming up. *cry*

All I can say is, I'm not doing no in-house print jobs again if I can afford someone else to do it. >:P

A nice "quick" dinner at Taishoken Ramen made things a lot better. (Or at least the Pirikara Tsukemen cleared my throat and nose with its barrage of SPICE.)

In other news:

My latest community talk - and possibly the last one for a while:
Digital Demonstration
Schofield Barracks, SGT Yano Library

Small solo presentation, but I had a good time~ I can't quite say I'm *great* at public speaking, I still get flustered in the brain and tongue-tied, but it's something I feel somewhat more comfortable with. :D

Today's Comic: Da Great Shwamu

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic.

Bolder colors than usual~ I was going to put a soft filter on things, but KS preferred the richer/bolder colors. Seems appropriate for the season. XD
Tags: comic, projects, talks

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