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Preorders are OPEN!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Is the weekend already over?

First thing to note:

Our Henshin Rider shirt pre-order is officially open! It's a relatively short ordering period as we have to fast-track this to the printers ASAP. Orders close on Wednesday, October 8.

For more info, just click on the link above. :D Pass the word on to anyone you think may be interested~!

Today's Comic: On A Mission

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!



Doll stuff for sale at DOA:

(For those NOT on DOA, my listing is also here - complete with pictures.)

I have to update the wigs and eyes thread a little later this week...

And finally - for anyone interested:

DEATH NOTE II movie ticket raffle closes tomorrow and winner will be selected for 2 tickets! Enter at my nemu*nemu blog post!

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Henshin rider shirtt~ WANTZ~ It looks sweet. too bad my size isn't listed. XD

Thanks~ ^^

I don't think the printers we're planning to go with carry anything larger than 2XL in stock. TT Gomen~!

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