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Comics Update & Movie Tickets RAFFLE
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Oops! Forgot to post Monday's strip! I've been so busy trying to get everything done ASAP. X_X;;

Monday's Strip: Long Winded

Today's Comic: Our Saviour

Click on the previews to see the full comic~!

Also, in other news - due to some.. er.. design difficulties, we've slimmed down our Henshin shirt design choices. The new poll has been posted on the nemu*nemu front page. For more details about the shirt designs, read this post.

Poll closes on Saturday, so we can start the pre-order and production of the actual design.

LASTLY, we were offered the chance to raffle tickets to the upcoming theatrical release of the DEATH NOTE II: THE LAST NAME movie!

Indeed, this movie will be DUBBED, but hey- if you're interested in getting FREE tickets and live within driving distance of any of these 400 theaters, simply enter by leaving a message at my blog post. (Just be sure to leave a valid e-mail address I can contact you within the response form - it won't be visible to others, but we can see it from the back end.)

The winner will be selected on September 30th.
The movie will play in theaters only on October 15-16th at 7:30pm - local time. The winner will select the day and theater of preference.

... and for the obligatory PREVIEW:

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Hey, I want to enter! rsuenaga@apple2.org

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