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Like.. everyone's doing it.. but not me.
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Awww dudes.. I am SO not doing the photo meme now. I look like HELL and don't quite feel like sharing it with the world at the moment. >__<;;

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Yes, because I wear a hood all the time!

(Deleted comment)
Woman, I just woke up from sleeping on my couch all night; I went to sleep RIGHT after eating a huge spaghetti dinner, and it's sitting in my stomach like some kind of spicy Italian CANNONBALL, but that didn't stop me from shoving two plastic lock-nuts in my eyes, putting a Sharpie to a handy cardboard box, and recreating a golden moment in the history of Hanna-Barbara animation.

Get yourself in front of a camera :D! OR FACE THE FURY OF MY DESTRUCT BOMB

Recycle your wedding photos. You looked awesome and who's going to know? XP

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