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Design Poll!

It's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!

Aside from the usually "THAR SHE BLOWS" and "SHIVER ME TIMBERS", I don't know many pirate-y phrases... ^^;

Anyhoo, I have a poll running on the nemu*nemu site for our next shirt design. Design is not yet finalized, but I'm getting a general feel for which design people prefer. Any suggestions, feel free to just message me here. I'll be closing it next week Friday to start on serious production. ^^

Here are the designs:

Sometimes I find it more difficult to be design creative than anything else. I'm just not a very design-oriented person. I probably should have taken some classes while in college, but grah- just gotta make do with what I know.

Today's Comic: The Message

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!
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