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Dogs, Drafts, and Webcomics

Oohh~ Remind me not to take my vitamins before eating. X_X;; Not a pleasant feeling.

The remainder of the week, I need to take care of the dogs, so most of my day yesterday was spent next door drafting strips for the remainder of this current chapter. Thus - me not posting my strip as usual.

On Tuesday, I made a post asking my readers to suggest some webcomics to me. I've been literally overwhelmed by the responses! Not only am I surprised that so many people have responded, but I'm learning about comics I've never even heard before! I have a lot of reading ahead of me~ XD

Likewise, if you can name the top 3-5 webcomics you read (if you haven't responded at my post - THANKS to those who have!), complete with URL and short reasoning why, I'd be much obliged~ :D

Wednesday's Comic: Cleaning Out

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic~
Tags: comic

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