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Wednesday - Business as Usual
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Thanks for the comments in my last post about the "Photoshop Shakes" - I'm still curious as to why it happens and hasn't really been addressed. Short of inking with the pencil tool - which I have done in the past - I may just have to tighten my pencils more.

SALE is still going strong - some shirts have sold out and others are dangerously low in stock.

Also, the latest sketch:
Daily Sketch - 2008.09.02

Today's Comic: Sneaky Toaster

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic

P.S. - Licorice flavored teas is my new favorite. I've been drinking the Yogi brand, Stash brand, and even the Aveda brand teas by the cupfuls for the past few days. Interestingly enough, it doesn't taste much like licorice candy to me - which I HATE.

Can anyone give a yay-or-nay on the decaf Stash green teas?

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The toaster is like . . . my new favorite character.

I know, I'm strange. >_<

You're not alone~ XD XD XD

Is it okay if I make an avatar of the toaster? :X

(Translation: I am already making an animated gif of the toaster.)

It could probably be better (minimal to the max!) but there you have it XD; Guess no one can say I didn't put my animation training to good evil use.

OMP THAT IS SO MUCH AWESOME!!! Can I use as well? XD

I had cup ramen for lunch today! But not that brand.

I love the toaster too!

Ever since drawing that, I've been craving Cup Noodles. It's weird. XD;

(Deleted comment)
Oooh~ thanks for the heads up about the Stash tea~ I've been eyeing the decaf line lately and just tried some of the herbal ones - which were pretty darn tootin' good. XD

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