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A Watched Toaster

Holiday weekends are nice, but never long enough. T_T; (Nevermind the fact that *I* don't have vacations, but it's nice when KS is home.)

Couple things of note:


Sale runs from September 1st-14th. Most of our stock is on sale, save some crafted goods and the pups. Stock on some of the shirts are dangerously low, so if there's something you're interested in, now is a great time to pick them up~ :D


I'm attempting to live with the "Photoshop Shakes". From what I've read, this is something that's not isolated, but there's also no fix for it. In short, it forces me to work at no less than 100% when inking... and although most people will never see my work that close, it irks me to high HELL. So much so that I spend a lot of time needlessly cleaning it up.

Seems like PCs have the better share of alternative programs like SAI and OpenCanvas that handle tablet sensitivity properly. Diana Knox of Jinxville suggested one called "Autodesk Sketchbook Pro". So I decided to give the 15-day trial a try.

Sketches and line-quality come out quite nice - even at odd magnifications, but it's a very stripped down program. It doesn't do anything spectacular with layer effects or filters, but in the very least, it allows me to do the straight-edge work directly on my Cintiq, which helps me a lot when doing backgrounds and objects. I don't always get the line tapers I'd like, but I can live with a little tweaking on the ends.

Soo, I'll probably be switching between programs to sketch/draft/ink until either a bug fix comes along in an update. ^^;

Monday's Comic: A Watched Toaster

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