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Nemu Can Too!
n2-Kid Accomplishment
Yay! It's Friday!

We also have confirmation for a table at APE (Alternative Press Expo) to be held in San Francisco's Concourse Exhibition Center on November 1-2nd. Flights are paid for, hotel is more or less set - although we're staying out of SF proper to save some money and allow us some travel times on the days surrounding the event.

It's also Labor Day weekend - hurrah! I have a lot of comic work to do this weekend, in addition to a few projects I gotta get cracking on. Busy busy busy, but hopefully, it'll all pay off in the end. :D

Today's Comic: Nemu Can Too!

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

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(Deleted comment)
ouu moo chans usually goes to that.

I'll be volunteering at APE, though I don't know which shifts. Y'all need help with anything?

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