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Cookie and Pizza

It looks like school is back in session for most! KS and I were talking a bit over dinner about past years in school and I have to say - I'm kinda glad I'm not in school anymore. Although - I miss learning new things and taking classes that were of interest to me rather than of academic need. I just don't miss the hours spent AGONIZING over papers, homework, tests, projects (both individual and group) and catching the bus every day to get to class on time.

So - much luck to all who headed back to school these past couple weeks! And to those who are flying to their new dorms/apartments - have safe flights and have fun settling in!


In the meanwhile, I've been working on the next chapter of strips and been spending FOREVER inking backgrounds. Can I just say, yes- it's good practice, but I bet most people don't even pay attention to them. T_T;

I think I need to extend the current chapter a few strips to buy me a little more time to work on these.


Cookie and Pizza

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