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n2-Anpan OMP!!

Uploaded by kyubikitsy.
Had to post this little gem!

We took Roxy to the KCC dog park on Sunday and ... let's say, she was feeling less than comfortable there. (She's very much a stay-at-home, indoors in the cool tiled bathroom type of dog. Not very active at all.)

I had hoped she eventually socialize with the others there, but it didn't quite happen. She stuck around KS' side and would venture over to see me every-now-and-again while I was sketching. I guess she got some exercise (she's kinda overweight....) but I think she was overly-excited and over-heating. Refusing to drink the water, play in the sprinklers or do much else than be a hyperventilating lump in the grass, we took her back home for a much needed bath.

Thankfully, we got this photo (and a few others) out of the experience. XD

For those who haven't caught it at the nemu blog, here's one of the sketch pages from the time we were there:

Click on the image for the full view!
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That is the cutest picture of a dog I've ever seen. Roxy has such an interesting body shape, and your drawings of her capture that so nicely. Is she a mix breed?

She's mostly border collie, but part Australian Shepherd. So, she's super mellow and super floofy. XD

She really needs a trim and a diet. XD

awwww such a sweet dog ;A; My dog never ever wanted to socialize with any other dogs either, and she was perfectly happy ^^ I guess our company was enough.

Your sketches are so cleannnn! They seem to capture her attitude perfectly XD

Ahahaha! you just can't seen the blue lines that are sketched under everything~ My scanner's meant more for b/w jobs, rather than color. ^^;

Roxy's a good dog - really smart... sometimes too smart. XD; But she really doesn't like strangers. It took about 3 years to get her to be "okay" with me. ^^;

waaah so cute doggie sketches (*_____*) so cuuute and round~v and round~v

Indeed~ she's a big lump in the grass - with fur swaying in the wind. XD

OVERWEIGHT DOG IS SO CUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! At least postpone the diet until you get some more pics XD

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have a feeling she's never going to be of proper weight! The grandparents always spoil her with treats and table scraps. ^_^;; (And she doesn't get much exercise to boot)

(Deleted comment)
XD!!! KS has an uncle who brings over his little terrier mix.. who just bosses the bigger dogs around. They can't keep them in the same room because Roxy'll charge when she gets fed up. ^^;;;;; Unfortunately, that dog comes over more often than any of us would like and no one has the patience to make them play nice. XD;

(Deleted comment)
My mom's dog, Calypso is just like that too...Keoni hasn't been to the dog park yet, but usually when he meets new dogs (training class, walks) he barks at them and stays close to me =_= But I am hoping he is outgoing because he seems to want to coax them to play too...weird little guy.

I wonder if it's just a matter of conditioning them to socialize? It's tough because we don't have the time to take her to the park often, nor walk her around the neighborhood. We know she's afraid of the other dogs, but aren't quite sure what to do to fix things.

Yeah...I think Calypso is a lost cause though lol. She is already 4 and still like that...and she takes walks 2 times a day with my mom...

Keoni helps a little though, he is a little booger and jumps on her etc. and she even is excited to see him and plays with him (mostly she bites his tail or chases him hehe). But other dogs..still the same..it's like she knows he is family.

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