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I can eat again!
Food is Good
I cannot say just how happy I am that the stitches are OUT! Although I can't quite partake in nachos and crusty toasted vietnamese sammiches YET - I've been thoroughly enjoying my french fries and Big & Tasty Burger from McD's.

Boy - who thought the hardest thing about the surgery was the (practically) all-liquid diet the week following? X_X;

I have a few months of healing to do and will continue with the implant procedure right after APE in November. The post'll go in and when that heals, the crown'll go in. If everything goes well, I should be back with a full mouth of choppers in February.

... of course, today's comic must be about food.

Today's Comic: Shecret Ingredient

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!
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I love you... recover soon...

(Deleted comment)
lol totally inspired comic :D

Congrats on the stitches! Hope the rest of the procedures go well, take lots of Vitamin C to promote healing.

And speaking of APE, that reminds me-- were you guys still looking at how to ship your stuff up to CA?

Oh! We still may need your assistance? (If you can?)

We're checking with the APE staff to see if we can ship our stuff directly to the Concourse, but I have a feeling they're going to say no.

We can offer our address, but there might be an issue with transporting the boxes and such. The mailboxes in our apartment are really small, so basically anything larger than a regular envelope gets sent to the Post Office to be picked up in person. The Post Office is about four blocks away on a rather steep hill... it'd be really hard carrying the boxes back to our apartment if the boxes are heavy (as recent retrievals have proven).

Will you two be renting a car? If that's the case, you could send the boxes up to our address, and pick it up at the Post Office when you come up for the convention. The Post Office should hold mail for about a week. We really wish the mail system was handled better for our apartment, as it makes getting packages more of a hassle than it needs to be.

Eee! Thanks for the heads up~ I really don't want to inconvenience you guys. We will be renting a car for the duration of our stay - I'll talk things over with Scott. We might have some alternate options. :D

Have you thought about having it shipped to your hotel instead? Dunno if that's possible or not.

APE sounds exciting. November, huh? Wonder if I could go...

APE is pretty affordable - and free for SDCC attendees. XD! Hotels are a little pricey, so we're actually staying in Oakland instead of San Francisco city proper.

I'll have to check about us mailing boxes of stuff to the hotel. That would make the most sense, really. *___*

Sorry we couldn't be much help. >_< Hope the APE goes well, you guys are sure to do great!

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