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Daily Doodle #8 (Yes, I'm behind.)
GS - Makoto Draws Yer Ma
Daily Doodle time!

Daily Sketch 2008 - 8 by ~kyubikitsy on deviantART

Full view on dA to see the details!

I don't seem to do many of these anymore. I just don't have a lot of time to pull out my watercolors and do stuff that's radically different from what I do daily. Not to say that I don't draw daily - in fact, I try to. It's just that most of what I've been drawing lately is for up-coming projects that'll debut around APE... so I don't quite want to show my hand yet.

I have to admit - I like watercolors, but don't always have the patience for them. They're more forgiving than say- acrylics or markers, but they're a big investment in both cost and time (planning) and I often don't work them to their full potential. I've also never taken any classes on how to properly use them, so I'm just.. er.. faking my way through the whole process. ^_^;

Portraits are referenced (as usual - photobooks help tons for great poses and lighting~).

Also, the last 2 Olympics drawings are UP!

I can't wait for these sutures to come off. Can't wait can't wait can't wait. X_____X
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Your watercolor sketches actually look wonderful to me. I empathize with you about watercolor, it's just so hard to get that effortless look down. I read tutorials and books on technique, but I haven't been able to get used to it. And yeah, I hate planning.


Yeah, I've been reading tutorials online for tips and techniques, but find it's probably something that needs to be put into practice first... considering the paper is one of the most expensive out there - and varied depending on weight, size, and grain... not to mention the paints cost and arm and a leg. I'm always unsure just how much time to invest in the practice of watercolors in general? (Short of taking a class, of course~ XD)

Yay~ The middle one looks like Risako :D

Yay! She's recognizable! XD

The other two came out a little ambiguous... but that's okay - I was going more for the basic shape and colors. XD

ew that looks like Risako...

I mean, so you did an awesome job there XD; hahaha.

Hahahahaha! I can't say she's one of my "favorites", but I had one of her photobooks on file and the angle was challenging enough. XD

Gorgeous watercolors! And I've been loving your Olympic drawings, too. :D

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