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n2-Anpan OMP!!
Thank goodness it's Friday.

I have a few more days until I see the oral surgeon again. All I can say is that I hope that the sutures come off and things are looking good enough for me to eat chewable soft foods. =_=;; We haven't made our market run yet, so I'm still drinking canned soups, rice gruel with sesame oil, namatake, and shoyu (for flavor), smoothies made with yogurt, milk, and ground up nuts and flaxseed, instant miso soup, and Cream of Wheat. I've been having ridiculous cravings for vietnamese sandwiches, bacon, and crispy pizzas. T____T;;

Since I've been in and out of bed this past week, I've finally had some time to catch up on the Olympics, watching mostly the diving, gymnastics, water polo, and track and field events. Talk about INTENSE. o_o;

When I feel well enough to sit up at my desk, I've been working on the next few chapters of nemu*nemu and some side projects for APE and the end of the year. It's interesting how an idea starts, gets drafted, then after dinner, we have all these neat tangents it can go on. One chapter is being almost re-written, while another is being extended.

All I can say is - I'd be a terrible storyteller for long-form comics... Either I'd never start because I'd keep revising my ideas, or condensed to the point of being considered a short story. >_>;; I think my longest long-form comic to date has been about 20 pages... and that was UBER condensed. ^^;; It almost seems scary to commit to something that long... keeping in mind that the story should be more or less drafted to completion.

Hrm.. maybe I should just give it a short sometime.

Today's Comic: Bread & Toasty

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

Also! +2 more Olympics events! 2 more to go!

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He he, I love cute food with faces on it! X3

mmmm, straight shoyu :P

Feel better soon!
It sucks having mouth surgery and having to miss out on all the great (chewable) food.

-Hrm.. maybe I should just give it a short sometime.

Freudian slip? :D I think I'm the opposite, I used to always want to do short-form stuff but wound up planning long story arcs (I did write the individual issues too...). Well, I'm always interested to see whatever you try your hand at.

Hang in there with tooth stuff =_=

hope you'll be able to eat solid foods soon! >_<

also I love the vector looking nemu comics you've been doing :D they are so cute! and graphic! experimental phase? :3 I like both styles~

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